Herman Dune

Herman Dune


Five years after the successful album Giant, hundreds of gigs over the world, a sold out show in the mythical Olympia, Paris. 
Strange Moosic (released on May 23rd 2011 by G.U.M.) brought the french-swedish duo Herman Dune back to their rock’n’roll origins.

For sure, they are known as one of the best « rock », « folk », « pop » (whatever) band in France. Their first single video Tell Me Something I Don’t Know, directed by Toben Seymour, starred a little blue yeti and his new best friend, who is no one else than Jon Hamm, « Mad Men » and « 30 Rock » main actor.

Time went by, the yeti grew up and started skateboarding in Venice Beach streets for second single video Be a Doll and Take my Heart, still directed by Seymour and shot in Los Angeles. In 2012, they collaborated with the brand for kids’ clothes « Petit Bateau » : a whole line with the band’s colors and a special song I’ll Be Blue.

Afterwards, they spent half a year on the road and the other half composing their first original soundtrack… Mariage à Mendoza, directed by Edouard Deluc, is a brillant road-movie. Burlesque and contemporary, it takes place in Argentina. Starring french actors Nicolas Duvauchelle, Philippe Rebbot and Benjamin Biolay, the movie will be out on January 23rd 2013.

« My inspirations were movement, love, evasion, beauty, space and intimacy. To me, those words were translated by the rythm of galloping horses, warm guitars and powerful nostalgic melodies that could evolve in smile and even laugh sometimes. »(David-Ivar Herman Dune).

Herman Dune’s unique « anti-folk » style is the heart of the soundtrack and emphasizes the good mood of the movie.

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