Two years after his first apearence – with « Iron », a song full of light and an already-cult videoclip, Woodkid, Polish born, French reared, released the eagerly awaited album « The Golden Age ».

It would have been easy to take advantage of the buzz, but Woodkid a.k.a. Yoann Lemoine, chose not to. He reversed the process and took the music industry backwards once again. After a second single ‘Run Boy Run’ released with a video that was nominated for Best Video at 2013’s Grammy Awards, he decided to give his first shot. Woodkid is the musical artist, the songwriter/singer/lyricist/producer, who has made this beautiful record ‘The Golden Age’. This creative ambition and artistic freedom have allowed him to make such a unique sounding and powerful album that is built on his fundamentals such as percussions, strings, brass, piano, programming and, of course, this strong and sensitive voice.

The visual aspect remains hugely important with Woodkid directing all his own videos and turning his live performances into a spectacle rarely seen in the world of pop music. “When I started playing my own music, I wanted it to be as tall as a skyscraper. Images can achieve that. A really big orchestra can also achieve that.” Also and firstly, Yoann Lemoine is a talented music video director, brilliantly shooting his owns as expected. So far, he has worked with Lana Del Rey, Katy Perry or even Drake and Rihanna.

Ever since, he collaborated with Pharell Williams as his new Live Creative Director, he found the time to compose the music of an 8 minute piece contemporary artist JR is creating for the NYC Ballet and he started to write his very own first movie.

His most recent project took life with director Jonas Cuaron (creator of “Gravity”) who asked Woodkid to write the soundtrack for his new film “Desierto”, a captivating thriller movie taking place in the americano-mexican desert. Woodkid has created a brutal and earthy piece, half-way between sound design and motion picture.

Woodkid is one of the hottest names in the entertainment world at the moment, an altruistic visionary with a modern and powerful project growing along with the people he crosses on his way.

MANAGEMENT : pierre.leny@modernistparis.com

PR (FR) : bbatcave@gmail.com 
BOOKING : Junzi Arts / clotaire@junzi-arts.com






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